Metropolis Budapest - another experiment in time travel by Epoque Projects. This is the second "Metropolis" project after the successful launch of the concept in St. Petersburg.
Made for real explorers who are not afraid to engage in a new hotel experience, "Metropolis" is a city within a city where you can immerse yourself in a history of Europe's most flamboyant capital by exploring the story of each of the unique rooms.
We invite you to begin your journey to marvellous Budapest right from your room: Tesla, Liszt, Houdini, Bartok and other great heroes of our civilization lived, created or were born here.

heroes of civilization
The hotel is located in a private apartment building within the Historic Jewish Quarter. Here, during WWII the jewish ghetto was established by the Nazis, you can still find the remnants of the wall dividing the quarter from the rest of the city.

With the liberation of the city from the Nazis came also its destruction and the following restoration, but even now here and there we can find the "marks of war".

These awful and tragic events serve as a reminder for all of us and future generations so we can learn from our dreadful mistakes as we learn from our greatest achievements. On the crossroad of these reflections, another story of "Metropolis" was born.
Historic Jewish Quarter